Security and Data Protection

Honestly, I am not interested in your data at all. Thus no user data will be retained by me at all. Unpublished comments will be deleted without further action - this mostly affects spam and hate speech.

These pages do, however, use the blogging platform Blogger on Google. To get Blogger to function properly, cookies are used - and during your first visit to this site you are asked for your consent to this. Google's data protection and security policies as well as their user agreements can be found here.

Image or text links may refer to occasionally - should you order there while following the link, I get a little kickback from them. You may find's data protection and security policies here.

Occasionally I might embed YouTube content - even if this is used on these pages, YouTube will start collecting data. More information on YouTube's data protection and security policies can be found here.

As usual on the internet: I am not responsible for any content you may reach via links, though I do my best only to use "clean" links.